Connecting the Building Industry

Project focussed professional network
for the building industry

How does it work?


Network for people,
companies and projects

Review & compare

Individual and
company expertise

Assemble & collaborate

With teams
for your projects

Who's it for?

Professionals in Construction

First and foremost Buildupp is a networking platform which provides everyone in the construction industry with the tools necessary connect with new potential collaborators for upcoming projects and stay in touch with past team-mates for further partnerships.

The shared projects feature provides a new, highly effective and functional way for bringing the industry together for everyone to benefit from the vast knowledge and expertise we have at our disposal.

Project coordinators: Clients, Project managers, Architects & Contractors

Our beautiful and easy to use interface provides a seamless journey from reviewing construction projects, finding the companies and people involved and appointing them into your project team.

Buildupp enables Clients, Project Leaders and Coordinators to find and assemble the perfect team; from Architects & Lighting Designers to Brick Suppliers & Specialist Subcontractors.

Review the companies and individuals, the projects they’ve been involved with, what services they provided, who they collaborated with and their experience.

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Companies marketing: Consultants, Suppliers & Subcontractors

We provide a platform for every company type in the industry to market their services and products to a targeted audience of construction industry professionals.

Our shared projects feature ensure every company and individual involved on a project is credited with the services or products they provided.

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